Why Should You Opt for VPS Hosting for Your Ecommerce Website?

Although Shared Hosting captures the biggest portion of the market for new website owners, one may outgrow their benefits very soon. Shared Hosting has its own set of benefits; however, it falls short of being a suitable option for resource-intensive websites like e-commerce. The requirements of an e-commerce website are significantly different from that of blogging or a business website. With so many images and functionalities that an e-commerce website has, it becomes tough for a Shared Server to deal with the overload. This is where VPS Hosting comes into the frame.

What is VPS Hosting?

Virtual Private Server, or VPS, is considered by many as a natural up-gradation to a Shared Hosting server. In VPS Hosting, a physical server is split into multiple virtual environments with the help of server virtualization. Each virtual server enjoys complete account isolation and dedicated resources. There is no interference between the virtual servers, making it better equipped to handle peak-traffic.

Advantages of VPS Hosting for an e-commerce website

  1. Reliability: If your e-commerce website experiences frequent downtime, then it fails to serve the very purpose of its existence. A website hosted on a Shared Server may experience frequent downtime if other websites on the same server start getting a high volume of traffic. In contrast, the VPS Server ensures better uptime score as the server works in isolation without any interference from other websites. An e-commerce website being down even for a few minutes can result in huge monetary loss apart from damaging the reputation.
  2. Performance: Performance parameters of a website such as a site loading speed is directly related to the server performance. With the inclusion of website speed and other performance parameters in the search engine’s SEO algorithm, it is not something that can be taken lightly. Various research suggests that a site loading time of more than 3 seconds can drive away a significant majority of your potential customers; a risk an e-commerce website can hardly afford. VPS Hosting provides better website speed with the virtual server spaces being isolated from each other and allocated a dedicated set of hosting resources.
  3. Security: An e-commerce website stores valuable information about their users, such as credit card details and personal information. They can hardly afford to fool around when it comes to protecting their website from intruders. One major concern with Shared Hosting is that all the websites hosted on it have the same IP address. This makes it more vulnerable in the event of a security compromise. On the other hand, VPS Hosted websites have dedicated IPs, which ensure no interference from other websites.
  4. Customization: The requirements of an e-commerce website is different from other websites and may require installation of additional applications on the server. However, with Shared Server Hosting, your options are limited to the whims of the hosting provider. In contrast, VPS Hosting gives complete root access to the server that allows you to install applications of your choice. Also, you can opt for Linux VPS with cPanel that allows you to make most of the root access and fortify your server and hosting environment by installing relevant applications.
  5. Cost-effective: VPS Hosting mimics the environment of a Dedicated Server. It provides most of the benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting like isolated hosting setup, dedicated resource allocation, and full root access to customize the server, without having to spend a fortune. This makes it a suitable option for new online store owners.


All the aforementioned factors make VPS Hosting the perfect choice for an e-commerce website. Apart from e-commerce – VPS Server Hosting has emerged to be the hosting of choice for multiple types of websites – right from a startup to a high-traffic website, simply because of the huge range of benefits it offers. While the affordability draws in small businesses, the scalability, reliability and root access is an attraction for growing and high-traffic websites. Carefully assess your specific requirements, research the multiple Web Hosting providers and select the VPS plan that best satisfies all your requirements. Good Luck!


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