Misconceptions about Buying Refurbished Phones

With prices for the latest iPhone and Samsung cellphones being well over $1k – $2k each, more people are considering buying refurbished rather than new. But is buying a refurbished cellphone safe? What can be expected when purchasing a refurbished phone? Will it last or be finished within the month? There are several misconceptions and bad information regarding refurbished phones that can be cleared up quickly before making that purchase.

More so than the phone itself is where the refurbished phone is purchased from. There are reviews available, like the Refurb Phone Review which discuss not only the phones themselves, but the companies, small businesses, or even individuals that do the refurbishing.

When buying from a wholesaler, it is important to ask the background of the phone because these businesses receive bulk loads and may not address all the issues present in the phone.

Carriers also resell refurbished phones that are often traded in by individuals upgrading to the newest version. Although it would seem that the carrier would want to sell the phone in the best condition possible, frequently they take little into account about what has been done to the phone or if the parts are even original. For this reason, knowing the background and having the carrier check for any issues is essential.

Small dealerships pay more attention to if the phone has been cleaned and is working as closely to 100% internally as possible. They do not pay as much detail to external defects, but they will put more effort into the internal workings. This is because many of them operate like small businesses, and they desire to have the best reputation as possible and to keep current clients coming back.

Individuals are considered among the least trust-worthy to purchase a refurbished phone from (https://www.cellphoneage.com/news/post/misconceptions-about-buying-refurbished-phones). This is largely because most individuals just want to trade up for the latest version, and they do not have training about how to properly wipe the hard drive clear and delete files.

All in all, the bottom line to successfully purchasing a high-functioning refurbished phone is to know the background. Believe it or not, almost half of refurbished phones on the market are either stolen or have been temporarily refurbished to work well for a short period of time. Avoiding individual sellers and wholesale sellers is key to evading these situations. Phones will most likely not be 100% like they were when they were new. This is not to say they will not function 100%. Many carriers will offer a limited warrantee and some phones even still have a warrantee on them. If there’s an opportunity to purchase a warrantee, it is worth the extra money.

Finally, private, small businesses are among the most reliable for refurbished materials. These businesses have the most to lose by selling poor products. And, many of the owners will even allow you to “drop by” and take a look at small problems for free should they arise.


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