Type of Watches for Men

When an individual buying a watch for their spouse, father or sibling, it’s important to know the type of watch he wants. Sometimes this can be a daunting task because a person doesn’t know where to start. When looking for mens watches look for the one that will fit right, has the best material and is the correct type.

Dress Watch is to Compliment a Man’s Formal Wear or Business Suit

It’s easy to pick out a men’s dress watch. It is more stylish more than functional. Some of these watches don’t have second hands. The purpose of the watch is the look. Thus, the watch should be properly proportioned to a man’s wrist. If not, it will be too small or big and draw negative attention to his wrist. The material must be thin enough on the wrist band to easily slip in and out of the cuff.

Aviator Watch is Available in Various Styles

An aviator watch is difficult to spot because there are so many styles. They also feature new technology and requirements to keep up with the aviation industry. An aviator watch usually has large white numerals that are highly visible in dim or low light. Hand-wound movements is another feature.

Field Watches are for Men Who are Military Men

Imagine needing to see at the break of dawn on a battlefield. Field watches were originally intended for military members to see while they fought in a battle. Thus, these watches are rugged. The modern versions of the field watch are made titanium, stainless steel or PVD coating.
Field watches are readable at nighttime or in low-light. They have a high contrast dial that is black and white numbering. Gold hour markers are common on field watches. The wristbands are leather or canvas and are easy to replace if damaged.

Racing Watches for Men are Flashy

Racing watches are uniform. This means they vary in style, construction and color. What makes them racing watches is they are flashy. They usually have a more exotic style and color. When searching for a racing watch, look for a tachymeter and a chronograph. A tachymeter is used for distance and time calculations. A chronograph is a stopwatch function that allows him to check his sped.
Dive Watches are Used Under Water

A dive watch is for the man in a person’s life who needs to keep track of time while diving. Keeping time is vital when they are hundreds of feet underwater. Dive watches must be water resistant and meet the ISO 6425 standard. The band must be corrosion resistant.

Finding the Right Type of Watch Isn’t Complicated as One May Think

Picking a watch for a husband, a father or someone a person loves doesn’t have to be a hard task. When looking for a men’s watch, go for the style that closely matches his personality. Also, pick the type of watch for a purpose. For example, if he’s into sports such as hiking, the individual may want to get a watch he could use for that activity.


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