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What to Consider Before Purchasing Cat Carriers

Whenever a cat owner is bound to travel, carriers are one of the things that they think of especially if they intend to bring their cats with them. If by any chance you will need a cat carrier then there are vital points that you must keep in mind before purchasing them.

When purchasing a cat carrier you have to make sure that your cat will not feel any discomfort once you place them in it. In choosing a carrier, you need to make sure that the size is big enough to make your cat feel comfortable. You must see to it that the cat is able to stand and lie down in the carrier. Make sure they can stretch their body once placed in the carrier. The surface should not irritate the fur of your cat every time they lie down on it.

If you are going to aboard on a plane then you must purchase hard kennels. A wicker carrier is highly recommended for travels that don’t require getting aboard on any air transportation system or vehicle.

If the trip will take some time, then you may need to purchase the carrier ahead of time and start placing them in the carrier so that they’ll get used to it. You can at least place them for several minutes a few days prior the trip. As the owner, you have to make sure they don’t panic while they are put inside the kennel or carrier. With this, you can be assured that they will not feel scared when placed inside the carrier for quite some time.

If you are using a hard carrier then you can either use a mat or a paper lining on its surface to make your cat feel more comfortable. This will make them more at ease while on a trip. This makes also cleaning their mess much easier on your part. It is also a good addition to use a cloth or foam on the carrier.

Another thing that you can do is add some fragrance in the carrier but of course not those too strong just some light scent If you will travel by bus or by a car then you have to spray some light scent in the carrier.

If you are to go for a travel with your cat, you need to make sure your cat has its contact information as well as your name on the carrier or the cat’s collar.

It is also important that the kennel is locked and secured. For those who will travel by plane, the flight personnel will be the one who will make sure it’s locked but if you will not travel by plane then you’ll have to do this one.

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