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The Ups and Downs of Renting in Long Beach, CA

If you’d like to rent an apartment in Long Beach, CA, you have a lot to look forward to. There are many attractions, such as the art district in the East Village. You can go for a brisk run on one of the many paths or trails, or relax at a pub downtown. You’ll also appreciate the diversity of people in this town. The various neighborhoods all have their own distinctive charm. The city also manages to feel like a smaller town at times, especially when you compare it to Los Angeles itself. So if huge cities are not your thing, Long Beach is still a good option.

Can I Afford It?

How affordable Long Beach is depends on who you are. Unfortunately, rent in Southern California has been going up slightly faster than inflation. As rents go up, it can become harder to find a suitable apartment. Depending on your income, you might find that it is very easy to manage in Long Beach, or you could find that it is more expensive than you realized. Choosing the right area can go a long way here. On the bright side, it’s hardly the most expensive area in SoCal. For example, the rents in Los Angeles simply dwarf those in Long Beach.

Three of Long Beach’s Best Neighborhoods

An excellent area to consider is Naples, found on the islands in Alamitos Bay. It’s a fairly clean-cut community that boasts high accomplishments in education and very little crime. If you like Venice, you’ll enjoy the canals than run through the city and give it a unique elegance that isn’t usually found on this side of the Atlantic. A popular attraction here is Marine Park, which is great for picnics and has some areas designated for sports.

Similarly educated and crime-free is the artsy East Village. This makes it an ideal candidate if safety is what you’re after. As well as being the prime destination in the city for arts and culture, it’s also hard to outdo the East Village when it comes to nightlife. Finally, this is a great area for shopping. There is a bias toward more artsy or cultural shops, so you’re likely to find items like antiques and designer clothes.

The last neighborhood we’ll look at is Belmont Shore. It’s fairly close to downtown, especially from 2nd Street. Belmont Shore contains over 10 blocks, and its streets are packed with pubs, specialty outlets, elegant cafes, and unique restaurants. In the night approaches, go back to 2nd Street if you’re in the mood to experience the nightlife. Of course, during the day you might take a swim in the bay or even take a ride in one of the many gondolas.

With a bit of research, you’re sure to find the right apartment for you in Long Beach.

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