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How Beneficial Mobile Freight Marketplace is?

In the transportation industry, mobile freight marketplace has become a mainstay for several years now. It has helped lots of companies that participate in an open freight market to connect each other via the internet. Open freight market is mostly about freight loads covered by freight carriers but it is not under a long term contract. It’s basically the biggest segment of truck load freight industry and with 80 percent of the trucking companies with less than 20 trucks, open freight market is for sure here to stay.

Prior to the existing of the freight load boards, freight brokers work for the shippers or the shippers are directly calling the freight carriers in order to source the truck’s capacity available to haul the freight loads. As for the value of freight broker to shipper, it’s the relationship with certified quality carriers and at the same time, on how fast they’ll be able to source the available carriers to haul the loads.

But from the time when fast and stable internet came to place, freight load boards followed next. Freight load boards are the websites that are primarily designed in publishing information regarding open market freight loads. They have made it possible for the freight broker in publishing info about the open market freight loads. Simply by publishing info regarding the loads they can carry, freight brokers were able to reach wider audience.

A big number of loads that are being posted on these freight load boards go a minimum distance of 500 miles or even more. In relation to the sizes, this could be about FTL or Full Truck Load or LTL meaning Less Than Truckload. Here, it can be a standard freight that can be loaded into a standard 53 feet freight or van trailer which may sometimes demand special equipment such as flatbed, drop deck, curtain side, refrigerated, bulk hopper or other trailers that is made only for that cargo that should be hauled. Freight load board is created in a way that carriers searching for freight to haul can look as per distance, location as well as freight type.

The first time it becomes available to consumers, mobile freight marketplace were a big leap for freight industry. It made communication faster and seamless. On the other hand, as a result of the fast and continuous innovation in internet technology for the past several years, many freight load boards fail to keep up with it. This is why most of these websites even the premium ones still look the same. Albeit, no one seems to complain as they are benefiting from the service and it gets the job done.

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