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Different Types of Bicycle Locks

since the health specialists will always advise people to cycle as one way to exercise people will always own bike for either fun or healthy living.When You own a bicycle most of the times you may leave it in open place after cycling, and one needs to lock his/ her bike. Since bikes can be easily stolen and the thief may need to cycle the bicycle it is very prudent if the owner of the bicycle tries to lock the bicycle before leaving it behind since it minimizes the risk of being stolen.the Group to which a bike lock is made from may be a factor to consider before buying the lock among very many other factors.There are several factors one ought to consider before making a decision that he/ she is to buy the bike lock that one wants.The bike locks that are mostly used are the u-locks that help much in reducing the space in which the thief can insert a chisel to cut the lock.

Most of the u-locks will come in different sizes since bicycles will also vary in size and more deterrent to being broken. The other type of lock is the cable lock which will still provide security to a certain extent but are less efficient than u shaped locks. In areas where there’s less stealing activity, and one can trust leaving his/her bike alone, you can use the cable lock which also mitigates against theft.The Cable locks, however, help to lock the bicycle parts that may be easily removed as they are locked in as well. Only the password combination will help in a cable lock otherwise the thief may not be able to steal any.

In Case one lives in a high crime area, he/ she requires a lock that cannot be easily broken thus the chain lock serves this purpose a lot.The Chain locks are useful in that one can use a padlock of the size he/ she wants which can also have password protection thus increasing protection in a bike. Most the chains that are used are very heavy thus need not to be used in bicycles as they reduce the efficiency of the bike while cycling. the lock combination is used in high crime areas as one can only use a combination of opening up the lock thus rendering it almost impossible. since one might forget a key, combination locks are very good where only the password is needed.One should seek a hard material lock that cannot be easily broken. Bicycle protection should be enhanced by the use of a good lock.

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