How to Fix Computers and Laptops with Errors

1. Check Power Cable
Many things can trigger the computer to not boot. It could be caused by a problem with the operating system, hard drive or motherboard. But, if you have checked all three of these things and there are no problems, try checking the power cable on the computer that connects the PSU with the electricity center. It could be that the cable is not in a good condition due to a fuse exploding. Simply replace the power cable and the computer can function again, for more information : computer repairs north lakes

2. Slow Computer
One of the most common complaints is the slow performance of a laptop or computer. Most people blame the condition of a hard drive that needs to be def ragged or a slow processor. However, if you use a computer that is more than 5 years old, then this is the problem.
But in many cases, the CPU can be a factor causing your computer to work slowly due to lack of RAM. If this happens, immediately upgrade your RAM memory. Make sure before buying, you already know what type of RAM is suitable for the motherboard on the computer.

3. Laptop Affected by Water Spill
Don’t accidentally spill coffee on your laptop or desktop at 8 am when you want to work? Don’t imagine how dizzy you have to solve this problem immediately. The following steps can be taken.

First, disconnect the power cable and immediately turn off the computer or laptop. Use a towel to absorb water by just pressing gently or just place it, do not wipe it because it can make the water spread.
Then, remove the battery by attempting to position the device horizontally. Next, focus on drying using a hair dryer or air dryer. To prevent damage, after drying the water immediately condition the device in a V ** state so that water droplets can flow. Or ** use rice to absorb water. Do this process within 24 to 36 hours. Most likely, the damage is only on the keyboard.

4. HDD damage
Corrupt data or computer always freeze is an indication if your HDD has been damaged. If that happens, you can replace it yourself or first check the HDD connecting cable. It could be that the problem lies in the cable.

If the HDD memory is full, you can consider replacing the CD-ROM / DVD drive on the computer to your second HDD. That way, the computer will have enough data storage so that it can work properly.

5. Computer or Laptop Overheating
Poor airways on the device can be the reason why your computer or laptop often overheating. You can install an external fan on the computer to help the internal fan cool the processor.
If your motherboard and drive support SATA, then it’s better because the thinner cable can make the air cooling process efficient. If you still rely on IDE / PATA hardware, switch to the type that uses tubular cables rather than parallel, because the cable is used a lot.

6. Fast battery runs out
Your computer or laptop battery runs out quickly? The problem is not only in the power cable, but it can be on the battery itself. Each battery has its own time, so it is very possible to experience a decrease in quality. Change the computer battery immediately to make laptop performance better.

7. Poor graphics
Bad graphics will be a big problem, especially when playing games or editing videos. Frame speed can be reduced and slowly boring to be seen. If so, you can replace the graphics card with the latest one.

But, what if the graphics card is good? Maybe the problem is located on your computer’s PSU. Immediately increase your PSU model to match the graphics card installed.


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