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An Insight on Fog Misting Systems

The thick cloud that usually suspends at or near the surface of the earth and obstructs visibility is the fog. A misting fan is a movable cooling object that directs the movement of moist air by spraying water. When the water forces through a cylindrical tube with high pressure it breaks the water droplets into smaller sizes which can quickly be soaked up making the surrounding cool.

There are three different groups of misting machines which are available determined by the amount of weight forced from the nozzle which can be high medium or low.

This pump uses between 40 to 60 per square inch of pressure to work, you can easily connect it to the hosepipe or water faucet in the house. The low pressure misting system is affordable and therefore is recommended for home owners who have a strained budget but still want to enjoy the cooling effect.

Mid Pressure Misting Systems; This type of misting system requires a finer nozzle as it produces water with higher pressure and therefore spraying better quality mist that is more quickly by the heat.

When you compare the mist produced from the mid-pressure misting system and the low-pressure system, the later generates more excellent quality mist, but the high-pressure system still supersedes them all regarding quality and level of absorbency.

Using very high pressure machines, this system generates tiny fine quality mist which are readily absorbed by the heat and produces a cooling effect almost instantly, the quality of the system allows it to do this without facing any mishaps in the nozzle.

Homeowners who desire for a system that is entirely cool even in the most heated weather situation and does not leave the surrounding wet should automatically go for the high-pressure misting system.

Things to do when buying a misting system

Try to purchase all parts of the system from a single supplier for ease of follow up in case the system is not functioning as it should, also make sure you know so much as about the system and the company selling it.

Ensure the system you are purchasing will operate well with your already existing fittings and nozzles to avert any disaster.

If the warranty is longer the quality of the device is probably right. However, the supplier may not cover the losses that arise from improper system use, and if it is not fixed by an authorized person, therefore, it is necessary to follow instructions

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