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The Reality of Addiction and Some Programs to Help the Problem

It is a big challenge for an addict to come out from an addiction treatment program successfully, but it is more challenging and tougher for the addicted person to even consider going into a treatment centre. It is well noted that addicts deny their being in this problem thereby also making it difficult for their friends and family members to send them to treatment programs that would fit to their situations. It is a fact that majority of addicts do not believe they are addicts and thus do not need addiction treatments, thus this state of mind or denial has made the success rate of addiction treatment at a low percentage.

It is thus very important to consult experts and programs that will help resolve these addictive behaviours and focus on the treatment of those concerns. And so, in order to focus on the treatment and resolution of addictive behaviours, the medical specialty that answers to this objective is addiction medicine. In this field of specialty, there is an incorporation of several disciplinary approaches to addiction medicine. Usually, an addict or patient would need the support of social services and specialists of mental health, aside from their medical supervision, so that the many issues of the addictive behaviours causing in the life or being experienced can be addressed. There are specialists for example having elements of treatment relating to the processes of withdrawal, detoxification, harm reduction, rehabilitation and interventions among group or individual.

Rehabilitation centres are usually being supervised by addiction medicine specialist where the patient is currently supported in undergoing withdrawal from the substance being addicted to. All the underlying psychological issues that led to the addictive behaviour of a patient will be addressed to in both individual and group therapy sessions, and the program covering these activities is a comprehensive one.

Your first move in finding a good addiction medicine specialist is to go to a primary care doctor. While the addict is undergoing the withdrawal process, a family doctor will be there to help clarify the matter of support, from medical to nutritional and psychological, that the patient needs. Your next move is to see if the doctor’s professional credentials are fit to be an addiction medicine specialist. Together with checking out the credentials of the doctor, you are advised to check with the facility if they accept insurance payments or only accepts patients on the basis of self-payment method. The approval on the number of days or weeks that the patient can stay in the rehabilitation facility will be given by the insurance company to the family.

If an individual is suffering from addiction of drugs, alcohol and other behavious, he or she would need a substantial amount of psychological and medical support. As the patient is undergoing withdrawal process, seeking the help and support of a qualified and experienced specialist is very important to the condition.

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