FC; IoT; M2M; B2B; D2D and RFID are A-OK?

Perhaps the world should consider banning the acronym. After all, digital technology has given the world the tools necessary to finally and permanently allow everyone to put down their pencils, pens and plumes and save countless dollars otherwise spent on ream after ream of valuable paper. Is using acronyms, abbreviations and initialization, well, being efficient? There is reason to believe acronyms have past their prime. (The previous is a considered opinion).

Apropos; “fog Computing“, “the cloud” and the “Internet of things” (such as they’re called) are terms that have made their way into the technology worlds’ lexicon, and rather than simplifying our lives the masters of said world have seen fit to reduce them all to the mighty acronym. Good? Bad? We report, you decide.

That being said, the Internet revolution has swept the world so rapidly, it seems to be miles down the track looking over its shoulder and waiting for everyone to catch up, leaving a rash of acronyms and unique terms and phrases in its wake. Take “App Development” for instance. How many know that “App” is a contraction of the word “Application”? Well, that may be an elementary example, but I think the point is clear. Perhaps human language is one of the barriers keeping the rampant advancement of digital technology from becoming what it is meant to be. Opinion? Insight?

The complexities of the child of APRANET (i.e. the Internet) have given rise to the necessity for an army of highly intelligent technicians needed to combat the ever-changing nature of computer evolution. The child has become stronger and faster than the parent and discipline has become necessary. The highly skilled and trained computer experts are on the job and the demand for them is ever increasing. New business models have spawned and with them a new breed of digital tech warriors.

Many of the people in the technical world have taken a unique tack headlong into the winds of change and have laid down concrete paths which lead to genuine solutions to pesky problems. They say ‘Necessity is the Mother of invention’ which is an apt phrase to describe the binary wave sweeping the world. The best and brightest technical people ride that wave to shore and swim back out to do it all over again. Theirs is the spirit and drive that keeps our email coming and our text messages going. The “tech heads” seem to be getting younger and younger all the time too. Is this yet another sign of evolution?

Can the digital monster continue to live and grow without the brilliant people in technology working hard around the clock to keep it so? Time will tell but there is another acronym on the horizon that is becoming more and more popular these days; “AI”. Those who don’t know what it means need not worry. Those who do? Hmm, again, time will tell. All good things come to those who wait but they are always brought by people who create.


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