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Safe Use of Woodturning Tools

Craft activities are quite a number and they are usually described as pastime or professional activities that require specific skills and knowledge of skilled work such as woodturning, metalwork, glasswork among many others. Wood turning uses a tool referred to as a lathe that is able to rotate a workpiece about the axis of rotation hence makes objects that are symmetrical. The tool is meant to perform various functions which include cutting, knurling, drilling, sanding, facing, deformation and turning therefore coming up with an object that is similar on either side of the axis of rotation. There are various types of items that are made using the lathe such as tool handles, knobs, lamps, cylindrical boxes, needle cases, legs, spindles and pegs for furniture, spinning tops, baseball bats among many others.

Woodturning not only uses a lathe but also employs the help of other tools including spindle roughing gouge, skew chisel, parting tool, spindle gouge, bowl gouge, French curve bowl scraper and others. Different materials are used in making these tools which include steel and carbon steel where depending on the type of high-speed steel used, the edges can maintain their sharpness for long periods. A spindle roughing gouge is used in making a wooden spindle round by shaping it roughly. A spindle gouge is used in creating details on a spindle which can include both beads and coves on a spindle. A bowl gouge is used mainly in turning both the inside and the outside of vessels and bowls. Making the spindles smooth, cutting beads and they also add some details on the spindle is done by a skew chisel during woodturning. Another tool used for creating both small and large diameter sections on the workpiece working together with the lathe is a parting tool. There are other tools used to cut out deep sections when making steep bowls, hollow vessels and also vases and also others help to drill part way holes or holes all the way through a wooden item. Frequent sharpening of woodturning tools is necessary by use of powered sharpening wheels and abrasives to ensure clean cut when wood is passing through them at a very high speed.

Having a protective working gear when working with woodturning tools is important to enhance a person safety thus accidents are avoided. One should ensure protection of the whole body using safety gears to avoid dust particles from getting into the eyes, avoid breathing of the dust particles and also protect ears from excessive noise. Other protective gear should protect the feet and also hand and skin and it is advisable not to use gloves since they are easily tangled by rotating machines causing accidents.

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