Choosing a Reliable Knowledge Base Service

Having a knowledge base can help you earn your client’s trust, since it is among the excellent ways of ensuring your clients get instant help once they are browsing your help desk. If you want to build up a knowledge base, there are numerous knowledge base services that can help you create a vibrant knowledge base for your help desk. But most of these services just focus on documenting final content. They absolutely do nothing to cover the issues that clients ask frequently. If you have previously thought of hiring a knowledge base service for creating your knowledge base, here are ways to choose the right knowledge base company

Use the internet

Internet is absolutely an outstanding resource that can be used for finding literally anything, including knowledge base services. Check through Yellow Pages for a number of local services. Verify every detail about them, including their exact location as well as their business website. Find a couple of suitable services and look at each of them. Decide on a single service based on its suitability.

Understand the clients’ needs

While you may decide to hire a knowledge base service and entrust them entirely with your knowledge base creation needs, you need to get a comprehensive understanding of your clients’ needs. Search for a service that shows interest in understanding your audience. The service should be able to integrate your communication model with your help desk, such that clients can easily get queries to their relevant question devoid of agent intervention.


The right service has vast experience in integrating knowledge bases with multiple sharing apps such as Google for Work, Dropbox and Office 365 among other sharing apps. This ensures you can save your information wherever you wish on your knowledge base. This helps give clients a collective knowledge of your business any time they browse the knowledge base. If the service doesn’t demonstrate prior experience in customizing knowledge bases to suit certain needs, then choosing that service will be detrimental in future. They will never be able to frequently customize your knowledge base in future as clients’ needs evolve.


Testimonials help you judge the suitability of a service going with what clients who have used the service note about it. If a service has impressive testimonials, it demonstrates the service is overly impressive and previous clients were satisfied with it. But never trust the credibility of testimonials that appear on website sponsored by various knowledge base services. Such testimonials aren’t credible since they are actually written by company representative. Yellow Pages, BBB and Angeles List are great sites to find unbiased and credible testimonials on all services listed in their directories. Moreover, look out for violations or complaints filed against the knowledge base service.


With a knowledge base, the advantages you will gain are countless. Besides helping clients with a valuable resource regarding your business, you can still impact them on knowledge related to a variety of topics they are truly interested in. Hire a reliable knowledge base service and benefit your business a great deal.


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