Brother can you spare a dime?

It seems at times that God himself has been keeping you from what you desire. And for all intents and purposes; he has. Gods plan for you is final, and if you find yourself in financial despair with no hope of ever getting back on your feet, rest assured that the Lord God has not abandoned you.

Managing your savings effectively is a mindset that can lift you from the ultimate demise of simple temptations such as impulse buying or frivolous purchases. No matter how much or how little you earn changing your spending habits immediately helps with what could be a lifetime of struggling day to day and dollar to dollar.

It may seem impossible at first, but little steps can add up fast and put you on a path to stability. it gets easier and easier as savings build up and seeing that goes a long way to easing your mind and allowing you to focus more on the future rather than the immediate problems you may be experiencing. These are all very simple habits to attain and maintain. Then when things get to a more manageable point will you see that the hand of God was with you the whole time.
Bible verses about saving money are meant to guide you to a stable life of health and safety. They also warn of the dangers of greed and envy to keep you on a path of peace and good will toward your fellow man.

Slow and steady wins the race is a phrase we’ve all heard and that applies to saving for the future. Diligence and persistence pays in the long run and keeping busy with what God has intended for you will ensure prosperity. He is with you and always has been, that you are broke yet healthy and strong are signs.

Being back in the saddle is a good feeling and after a short period of steady work and frugal habits, your gifts from God will become clear and saving for your future and your families future will become ever easier. Happiness is key to becoming a good saver of hard earned money and it will show in every area of your life.

Put your trust in the Lord and believe in the gifts God gave you when you were born.
You were put on Earth for a reason and realizing what that reason is, is the success you’ve been seeking. That you’ve wandered from the path of righteousness does not mean that God won’t guide you back. keep your faith in the Lord in that he will always be with you and you need only embrace him to find your way back to property and good health and a good future.
your honest efforts will always be rewarded and you will soon come to forget the terrible times you had when you were struggling day to day with no direction.

Your fellow man will always extend a hand so that you’re never alone.


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