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Meow Tee: Facts and Tips About Caring a Cat

Before getting a cat, there are so many things you have to consider such as getting a kitten or a cat, a special breed or moggie, presence of other pets, children, and your ability to provide the needs of your cat. Remember that your wants and needs are different from your cat, so it is essential to find out your cats needs and be knowledgeable on how to best take good care of your feline friend. It is essential to be prepared with all the things your new cat would need once you bring it home such as cat toys, a litter box/pan/tray, cat flap, collar identification, a cosy bed, safe place, kitten pen, scratch post, and cat carrier or carrying basket.

Cats need high places, most especially for nervous cats, where they can relax and retire to have a quiet nap, a safe place to sleep, and for getting out of the way of a visitor or household activity. It is best to adopt two cats instead of one for company and playmate because cats love to play with boxes, packaging, and toys inside with their pet owners or other cats. Simple toys which are cheap and ideal for cats include cardboard boxes, ping-pong balls, empty cotton reels, rolled up balls of paper, and tents made of newspaper. Rotate the toys you give to your cat to stir interest, and teach your cat to play in a gentle manner, discouraging grabbing, scratching, and biting hands. Prevent damage to your furniture, carpet and wallpaper by providing an acceptable area to scratch, and scratch posts come in different sizes and shapes which are great addition to your home.

Cats are natural hunters and can eat up to ten mice a day just to meet their daily nutrient and energy requirements, so it is important for your cat to consume frequent small meals throughout the day to meet their nutrient and energy requirements. Remember that overeating may cause obesity, and don’t allow your cat to eat in a bowl in the same location every day. Use shallow ceramic or glass bowls rather than plastic bowls to avoid unpleasant odors, to prevent their whiskers from brushing against the sides of the deep bowl, and for them to see what’s going on around them. When it comes to your cat’s diet, protein is an essential nutrient they need, and to prevent obesity, it is a good idea mixing dry and wet food as compared to dry only diet.

It is essential to know how your cat communicates by checking on visual signals and tactile stimulation. The defensive mode of a cat is characterized by an arched back or a cat crouching down with its tail thumping on the ground. Come and visit our website or homepage and learn more about cats and cat care.

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