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Increased Concentration and Focus with ADHD Treatments

There are many distractions and stimuli around that keep children from being able to concentrate. Anywhere they are, whether at home or in school, distractions keep them from concentrating, but more so the child with ADHD and the effects of these distractions can be very severe. It can hinder their ability to form relationships and it can impact their educational potential. Children can concentrate without distraction, but children with ADHD will need extra skills in order to maintain their concentration. These children can develop these skills by giving them programs designed to foster concentration so that they will be successful in this area.

The main ADHD treatments that are proven to help increase concentration are the Interactive Metronome Therapy and Neurofeedback Therapy. The great thing about these therapies is that they are able to help the patient maintain high levels of concentrate long after the therapies are over. The brain of an ADHD patient is trained to help maintain concentration and focus with these two therapies. It also improves their personal well being because they are able to concentrate on their own. However, this is not a cure to ADHD. With these, people with ADHD can manage their symptoms so that they can be helped in other areas of their life and will allow them success.

In the Interactive Metronome Therapy, hand and food motions are used to coincide with computer generated tones. The patient gives feedback to the tones through the means of repetitive motions. Since a correct motion earns you a scored, you can improve on your reaction time score. Every time that patient’s timing is correct, then there is an improvement in his score. Concentration is then developed in the mind through this activity. If the sessions are performed continuously, then the skills also increase. Both children and adults benefit from this therapy with skills that last long.

The other treatment known as Neurofeedback therapy uses both visual and auditory signals to develop concentration skills. Here a computer is used to generate visual and auditory stimuli to the participant that generates a brain wave response. The responses of the brain are monitored and the participant is rewarded each time the brain wave patterns are maintained in the optimized training patterns. This provides an increased level of concentration. No matter what methodologies different providers use, the results is the same and the participant is helped to increase levels of concentration and focus.

Any person suffering from ADHD can be helped to increase levels of concentration and focus by finding highly skilled providers that can give them the right ADHD treatment. The two treatments mentioned above, the Interactive Metronome Therapy and the Neurofeedback therapy, are two proven ADHD treatments that improve concentration and focus. With these therapies there is an increased opportunity for a bright future for those suffering from ADHD.

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