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Here We Have A List Of Things Food Lovers Travelling Japan Shouldn’t Miss On

Japan is surely one of the places that most lovers of travel will find an exciting one. Most lovers of travel consider this country as one of the most unique ones ever visited. The wonders of Japan will be the insanely crowded Shibuya crossing in Tokyo and the young girls dressed like some rather anime characters making the intensity of this country click. How about the vending machines offering some of the weirdest of things? Japan is certainly one of the most unique locations for travelers.

Though for the lovers of food, you will as well find this a cause to visit this country. Japan has a unique cuisine and you will find the reasons to travel it to sample the varied cuisines as numerous. There are surely some things that you should not fail to experience as a food lover in Japan. Here we give the highlights.

Do you love green tea? You shouldn’t mind your response to this rhetoric for green tea is actually a reason to go visiting this lovely country. Japan has green tea as one of the most common beverages. The green tea is often served cold from vending machines or from cafes in Japan. Should you want it hot, then you can find this from a teahouse. The tea will as well be served as an accompaniment to your meals. The green tea is actually of variations in types but there is a type which beats the rest s the best. This is the Gyokuro type of tea. It is well known for its unique and classic flavor. Additionally making this tea unique is the complicated harvesting and brewing process. The Gyokuro tea will quite prove a special treat to any food lover touring Japan.

Ever thought of the prospect of grilling your own barbeque at the restaurant? A yakiniku restaurant will provide you the alternative of grilling your own meat. There are portable tabletop grills where you grill your meat. Simply order your plate of meat and vegetables and coat them with your preferred glaze. You are then on the way to grill them over a hot fire. Feast over your grill served with a plate of rice or any other complementary dish.

The choice of fast foods in this lovely country and travel destination is equally wide. Interestingly and even surprising enough is the fact that these fast foods are quite delicious and healthy. They are quite unlike the other fast foods joints in other parts of travel destinations where you will often find the quality rather compromised. These are always kept fresh in the stores or better still delivered in the early hours of the day.


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